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Frame7 Cinema, an independent Brazilian production company, was founded in 2013 with a solid commitment to creating audiovisual projects for film, television and non-linear platforms. Our expertise is rooted in creative processes that cover black themes, education and sustainability, while keeping an off-axis perspective, promoting diversity, social, racial and gender equity.


Our mission as a company is to inspire and impact a new generation of viewers, creating audiovisual content that engages, educates and excites, generating positive changes in people's lives. We seek to create authentic stories that reflect the diversity and complexity of society, promoting empathy and understanding between different cultures and perspectives. We are committed to creative excellence at all stages of the design and production process, aiming for aesthetically appealing and narratively engaging content.


In addition, our company has a firm purpose of creating social impact to catalyze positive social change and raise awareness of important issues, contributing to a more just, equal and pluralistic world. We constantly innovate and experiment, looking for new ways to tell stories and explore the frontiers of the audiovisual universe, encouraging innovation and experimentation to create unique and memorable experiences for our audience.


We establish meaningful partnerships with organizations, individuals and causes aligned with our vision, collaborating to amplify important voices and messages through our productions. We promote diversity and inclusion, giving voice to underrepresented groups and promoting equal opportunities among our productions


Our approach includes creating educational entertainment that transforms complex information into accessible narratives, inspiring learning and reflection. We are committed to sustainable quality, maintaining sustainable standards in our production, minimizing environmental impact and promoting responsible practices in all stages of our work.


We have a single goal: to create lasting emotional connections between our content and our audience, building a loyal fan base that shares our values ​​and vision in building a new way of seeing the world. Our portfolio includes fiction and documentary feature films, immersive audiovisual projects, as well as educational and creative economy projects, with a focus on promoting audience development for cinema.

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