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STILL - Mel Lisboa e Pedro Monteiro - FRAME7 Cinema Beto Oliveira_edited
STILL - Mariah Teixeira - FRAME7 Cinema Beto Oliveira

Hungry Dogs

Drama   |  1h45 min  |  2016  |  4K

Four stories about human fragility. Ana and Jorge live a tragic romance. Ronaldo finds himself without history at the end of his life, Marta survives bullying at school, and Bruno and Helena experience the birth of their daughter in the midst of postpartum depression. 

Ronaldo receives the news of a terminal illness, when he prepares to receive his 90-year-old mother, and tries to tell her about his life choice. The teenager Marta, 17 years old, finds herself devastated by the dictatorship of female beauty, and secretly prostitutes herself to raise money for an operation. Nurse Jorge meets Ana, they fall in love and end up having an extreme relationship that culminates in an unwanted pregnancy. The stories reveal the fragility of the human being in the midst of social relations.

Directed by: Beto Oliveira

Production: Frame7 Cinema

Co-production: Shot Filmes

Screenplay: Beto Oliveira

Cast: João Vitti, Mel Lisboa, Pedro Monteiro, Amélia Bittencourt, Bernardo Melo Barreto, Jhoão Scarpa, Mariah Texeira, Marina Rigueira.

Audio language: Portuguese 
Subtitle language: English

Cães Famintos

Cães Famintos

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