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What do we have for dinner?

Drama   |  15 min  |  2021  |  4K

Mariano is abandoned by his wife right at dinner time. From this event he begins to realize the presence of women in today's society.

Directed by: Beto Oliveira

Production Director: Beatriz Ferraz

Screenplay: Beto Oliveira

Art Direction: Cris Mendes

Director of Photography: Beto Oliveira

Photography Assistant: Ana K. Correa

Direct sound: Davi Flausino

Cast: Gilmar Vieira do Santos, Joyce Soledá, Tarcizio Rafael, Pedro Anízio Bottene, Lais Vectoreti, Bianca Oliveira, Adriana Barreto, Kimberly Ohana, Cris Mendes

Audio language: Portuguese 
Subtitle language: English

O que tem para o Jantar?

O que tem para o Jantar?

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