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Strange Odd

Fiction   |  15 min  |  2016  |  HD

Strange Odd is freely inspired by a fragment of a poem by Drummond: “Nobody is like anyone else. Every human being is a unique stranger.”

An 8-year-old boy lives the misadventures of his sexuality in front of an adult world that is not prepared to deal with his children's initiation into pre-adolescence. Set in 1986, the film walks through the innocence of childhood in that decade, surrounded by the enormous social pressure of definitions about sexuality. 

Directed by: Beto Oliveira

Producer: Julia Caprecci

Screenplay: Beto Oliveira

Art Direction: Kit Menezes

Director of Photography: Beto Oliveira

Gaffer: Marcelo Andrade

Direct sound: Inês Cruz


Cast: Samuel Silveira, Danielle Caroline Oliveira, Victor Coral, Fernanda Moreno, Alison Falconeres, Silvana Lima, Néya Pedroso, Allan Teixeira and Raul Rozados

Audio language: Portuguese 
Subtitle language: English

Estranho Ímpar

Estranho Ímpar

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